Art of Kellie Slingerland

                   "I am just trying to put my version of real on canvas in a glamorized fashion."

Artist Bio

Kellie Slingerland is a contemporary surrealist figurative artist who began exhibiting her works in 2010. Born and raised near Sacramento, California Slingerland was exposed to art at a young age and has been experimenting with painting her entire life. As a maturing adolescent, she found her style and fondness of painting emotional and detailed figures in in depth backgrounds. The retro glam of the 50's as well as the carefree lifestyle of the sexy pin up girls has also implemented itself in her art. After being exposed to the culture of the 1950's she embraced the lifestyle in her work, finding it fit her philosophies more so than the times now. To Slingerland the 1950's were about embracing life for what it was, and having fun all while balancing work and family. All these concepts are playedwith in each of her pieces from different angles. She represents the 1950's ideals through the vivacious, frivolous girls and playful atmosphere. Her passion is expressing feelings and emotion on canvas so the viewer can get a sense of what she is striving to project. All of Slingerland’s work is concept art because she believes the concept is the most important part to a successful painting. Her goal isn't to change a viewer, but enlighten them on another perspective. Slingerland is an uprising artist aspiring to share her experiences and philosophies with the world.  

 Artist Statement  

Through Kellie Slingerland’s work she illustrates typical life events people experience: be it fortunate or unfortunate. She believes the best way to connect with people is through artwork because people are able to interpret it as they need and can find guidance within each piece. While thinking of a new piece Slingerland reminisces in the good times and reevaluates the bad in hopes of being inspired. Her work is truly an extension of herself and an unfolding of her experiences and philosophies.  The inspiration in her life allows her to create many works of art as well as condor up many different concepts to project through her paintings. In her paintings she shows growth and an overcoming of things which really sets her apart from the rest. Slingerland’s art is personal, but universal enough for everyone to relate to. 

Current Series 

At this moment Kellie Slingerland is working on a series about living lightly. "Lightly Lightly" is inspired by the 1950's lifestyle of balancing family time (fun) and responsibilities (anxieties). The whole idea behind "Living Lightly" is to take a lighter approach towards life and to stop sweating the small stuff. As Americans living in the 2000's we are bombarded with a ridiculous amount of responsibility and due to all the technology we have we are unable to escape it on a 24'7 basis. Slingerland believes we need to take a step back from work, life's anxieties, and embrace what life has to offer: fun and incredible adventures. Turn off the cell phone, roll away from your desktop, get outside and explore. Embrace the women, men, and people thrown into your life, have sex, have a drink, take a risk and let life be in control for a few moments before you have to get back to your emails.